A Day in the Life of a 4th Grader

My teacher gave us this assignment for real. It was called A Day in the Life of a 4th Grader. I handed it in for real. But this is the real one. The one I gave my teacher had nice things in it. This one not so much.

When Mrs. Edmyn handed out report cards she gave me a paper to take home. I tried to take it home. While I was walking home from school I got in a fight. That boy Derek caught me from behind. He hit me in the back of my head and I fell. He kicked my knapsack open and looked in it. He emptied it. I told him no, that I had to take the paper home. He tore it up to pieces. So I punched him because I was angry and scared. He punched me harder. I didn’t want to fight. We both were hurt and went home.

The next day my mom signed my report card. I was scared because I did not have the paper. I hoped my teacher would not remember. On the way to school Derek caught me again. He rubbed my face in the snow and punched me. I swore at him. He just laughed.

When I was in the classroom I gave Mrs. Edmyn my report card. She said the signed paper was not there. I told her that I lost it. She got very angry at me. She yelled at me. She said my parents were supposed to come in for a parent teacher interview.

I cried right there in class. I did not cry because she yelled. I did not want to tell her what happened to the paper. I did not want Derek to get in trouble. I cried because I felt bad for my mother because I was bad. I felt sorry for her. Not me. I couldn’t stop myself from crying.

The kids made fun of at recess for crying. It was a bad day. I felt sick. Mrs. Edmyn said she was going to call my mom.

After school I walked home by myself. I felt so scared and sick. I felt all alone. I didn’t want to go home. I wanted that boy Derek to stay away. I walked slowly so that it would take me long to get home.

My dad pulled up in the car. He said to get in. He looked serious and I felt scared. We drove down to the park. Nobody else was there.

He asked me if I had a bad day. I said Yes. He said he had just got back from talking to Mrs. Edmyn. I thought I was in big trouble. He said that I wasn’t in trouble. Nothing she said made me seem bad. I told him I lost the paper. He said it was ok and not worry about it anymore.

This was the day I remember. This is my real Day in the Life of a 4th Grader. It’s the day my dad made better.

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