Intentional Christianity

Intentional Christianity is just that – intentionally living out Christianity. We are not concerned with the historical accuracy of Christ’s life since this is a matter of faith. The atonement means little to us since we believe that love is God’s essence. Openness, acceptance, and non-judgment define our stance. Our beliefs are evidence-based, yet not dismissive of personal experience.

Instead, Intentional Christianity, with humility, embraces the lifestyle of living according to Christ’s two-fold wisdom.  It’s miraculous that human beings evolved to formulate the wisdom delivered in the Sermon on the Mount even if it wasn’t Christ himself.  We choose to live virtuously and seek truth, wherever that takes us. Many intentional Christians describe themselves as atheists or agnostic, which demonstrates their freedom to seek truth. The bible has no more authority in our lives than any other book: all inspiration comes from the same ineffable source. This means that we’re free to glean the good from the bad in our chosen religion; without guilt, we’re free to participate in the spiritual unfolding of a more loving, cooperative, inclusive humankind (social consciousness).